JNCA Consulting logo design

Logo and simple branding for digital services agency

JNCA logo design

Logo and light branding consideration for JNCA Consulting, a digital services agency who deliver pragmatic, personable software development and technical consultancy with clients in public-sector and government teams, third-sector and modern startups.

The brief was to create a logo that encapsulated the pragmatic and personal nature of JNCA Consulting, to represent their core message of "outcomes over outputs", and to convey confidence and calmness.

After exploring a variety of approaches and ideas, the final logo design was arrived upon. As one of the simpler designs from those offered, the strength and clarity of the logo was given subtle personality with some careful letter spacing and type manipulation. The chevron featured in the logo was also suggested as a further stylistic device available to JNCA Consulting, which can be used along with the blue and black tones of the logo to create strong and arresting designs.

Client: JNCA Consulting