‘Hayfield Road: Then and Now’ book design

Art direction and design for Oxford social history book

Hayfield Road book cover design
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Hayfield Road book page design 3 of 3

‘Hayfield Road: Then and Now’ is a revised and extended edition of an earlier 1993 book, revealing the rich social history of Hayfield Road in North Oxford. The book contains not only an in-depth history of the road and its distinctive community, it also delves into the wider context of the road's history and inhabitants.

The book's author Catherine Robinson invited me to design and typeset the book, and was keen to see a professional, approachable, readable and attractive outcome. I developed an overall style, grid system and careful type choices for the book, before laying out its entirety. This included appendices with detailed data, the inclusion of historical images which were scanned and retouched, and a sensitive treatment of footnotes, testimonials and captions. A key image was used for the cover; this was carefully graded and retouched for maximum impact but without affecting its character.

Client: Frog Lane Press