Professor Chris Holmes website

Single-page website for Oxford University Professor

Professor Chris Holmes website

Design and build of a single-page website for Professor Chris Holmes, Professor of Biostatistics at University of Oxford's Department of Statistics.

A single-page website containing biographical, project, publications and contact information for a University of Oxford Professor. The website is responsive, with an intentional emphasis on clarity and simplicity in its design.

Due to very strict technical limitations in terms of hosting for the website, it had to fulfil a number of challenging requirements: to be self-contained within a single HTML page, with one CSS file and one JavaScript file; to not depend on any web-based content management system or database; and to not require any kind of build tools or other files on the site's hosting to enable editing or the implementation of changes. As such, the HTML needed to be exceptionally clear and straightforward, in order to be editable by assistants without the need for using anything beyond a simple text editor.

Despite limitations, the website has an attractive appearance, is fully responsive, includes in-page navigation, and includes a simple filterable publications list. As a side-effect of its simplicity, it scores 100% performance and 100% SEO scores in Google Chrome's Lighthouse auditing tool.